Gout. Acute flares (training for a pharmacist)

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О курсе

The materials were prepared for a specialist with a pharmaceutical education in order to gain knowledge about gout (etiology, pathogenesis, symptoms and an attack of gouty arthritis).
The module is structurally divided into blocks and lessons for sequential study, but allows you to return to previously studied material and is summarized by a test.
After successfully completing the module, the report is sent to the curator who provided the link to the module.
To start training, you need to enroll in the course by clicking the «Sign up now» button, later you can restore/change your password in the profile.
Each lesson/test must be marked «Complete».


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Чему вы научитесь?

  • in a concise form, basic information about gout, its differential diagnosis, the causes and methods of stopping attacks, the mechanism of action of the crocus extract and the dosage method

Содержание курса

Introductory testing
to assess the basic knowledge required to master the materials of the module

  • input test / basic concepts

Block 1. Purines and uric acid
general information about uric acid and purine metabolism

Block 2. Gout
the main causes of occurrence, prevalence, development and manifestations

Block 3. Acute gout attack treatment
gout attack therapy

Block 4. Colchicum-Dispert (colchicum extract)
shotly about the medication

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